LUX Tennis announces Game-Changing Partnership in the Caribbean!

Hello tennis and luxury enthusiasts!

LUX Tennis is delighted to share exciting news about our newest partnership in the Caribbean, with the beautiful Apes Hill Barbados Golf Resort and Community, a recent addition to our esteemed portfolio.

Situated on the scenic island of Barbados, Apes Hill Barbados Golf Resort and Community is boasting an  18 hole championship golf course with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. The resort encompasses upscale residences, a clubhouse, spa, fine dining, and lavish recreational facilities, providing residents and visitors with an upscale lifestyle experience. Apes Hill perfectly combines tropical living, world-class amenities, and premier golf, making it an ideal haven for those in search of refinement and leisure on the captivating island of Barbados.

Enhancing this scenic setting, LUX Tennis is introducing professional coaching services led by Haydn, LUX Tennis Director and former ATP World Number 583, specializing in tennis and padel, to elevate the sporting experience for guests at Apes Hill Barbados Golf Resort and Community. The resort has two tennis courts and eight padel courts featuring Tiger Turf, a high-quality, eco-friendly alternative to real grass that is gentler on the joints.

If you represent a hotel, resort, or private club and aspire to enhance your guests’ luxury vacation with LUX Tennis’ exclusive services, including professional tennis, pickleball, or padel, don’t hesitate to contact the LUX Tennis Team directly at