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As firm believers in the future of padel as the racquet sport of the 21st century, we've established LUX Padel. This dedicated division is committed to promoting and expanding this dynamic sport in a myriad of clubs and premium hotels globally.

What is Padel?

Padel, a racquet sport doubling up the fun, is primarily played in pairs within an enclosed court half the size of a tennis court. What sets padel apart from tennis is its use of walls which allows for ball plays akin to squash. Despite being easy to learn, it's highly addictive and not determined solely by physical strength. With roots in Spain, Latin America, and Scandinavian countries, it's rapidly becoming one of the most swiftly expanding sports globally.

Padel Court Construction

Padel Courts make a fantastic extension to any tennis club or hotel. At LUX Tennis, we collaborate with industry-leading partners to offer our proficiency and network to construct one or multiple padel courts tailored to the characteristics of the venue. We provide personalised recommendations for each client, ensuring optimal price-quality balance, fostering an enriching experience for all our partners.

Management & Development

For clubs or hotels eager to ride the wave of this popular trend, LUX Padel extends our expert consultation services. We offer comprehensive padel solutions tailored to any establishment. Our offerings span from supplying professional padel coaches, curating unique programs, and organizing instructional clinics, to orchestrating exhibitions with padel celebrities. We also ensure seamless equipment provision, and if required, we undertake end-to-end management of your padel structure. Trust LUX Padel to bring excellence to your court!
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